27 February 2008

2008 A NEW ERA

2008, I wish, brings new life to all my dear friends and my family where ever they may be. Sweet memories of 2007 are always treasured in all blogs. Keep on staying with me now and in the years to come!!!!!!!!!!

Birthdays are always part of Veteran's Cafe, Happy Birthday to Jane on her ____ ?????? young year and hope get younger as most ladies claim!!!!!!!!. With her is Paul, Dollah, Jane, VP, & OKK Jenny.

I had the opportunity of visiting my nephew & friends in KL on my 57th birthday at Vijay's apartment on the eve.........

Then, back in Labuan to join my dear friends in Veteran's, below, with Edmund & Jane. Thank you to the Good Guy in the skies above for giving me another term!!!!!!!

A very pleasant surprise was meeting up with OLD friends from Aberdeen, Ian Scott with daughters, Amanda & Coleen. I do miss you and the hugs were sweet.


Veteran's Cafe's POOL TEAM. Thank you for the fantastic performance in 2007 and staying unbeaten in the 2008 matches too. Have started inter-pub friendly pool games, here, with Orelio and Sharon at Murphy's Bar

A special thanks to all Veteran's Team
& future player**Jane**


Hai Jeth! welcome back

Well folks thats all for now, keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!